Showing your teen that you trust them with added responsibility will help to strengthen your relationship and will help you both connect during a time of crisis.  

With your guidance and support, your teen may be able to handle a lot more than you would think. Consider letting them help you with a work project, such as helping you prepare slides for a presentation or letting them create a graphic for a project.  This gives them a chance to try a real-life skill, while also feeling like they are contributing during a time of crisis. 

Pre-teens or younger teens can help young siblings with their at-home learning, such as by reading to them and asking questions, or by helping them with a task. Older teens can help maintain a food budget or be responsible for cooking dinner 1-2 nights per week.  

One way to further connect is to ask your teen if they have any ideas on where they can help support the family during an uncertain time. By asking them their thoughts, your teen will see that their opinion is important to you – a sure way to help you both feel connected during this time. 

During a time of chaos, teens can rise to the occasion by supporting their family with added responsibilities. Not only can this improve your relationship with your teen, it can also reduce the family’s stress during a chaotic time. 

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