This may sound counterintuitive for parents wanting to spend more time with their teens during social distancing. However, helping your teen stay in touch with their friends shows them that you are supportive of the things that are important to them and helps them maintain some stability when things are changing every day.   

For many teens, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to them giving up many milestones, such as prom, graduation, or time spent learning and socializing at school with their friends and teachers. This can lead to increased feelings of stress and anxiety. One of the ways that parents can help is by keeping them connected to their friends throughout these challenging times. 

Since most connections can only occur virtually, it’s a great time to be more lenient with technology guidelines in your home. You can even encourage teens to earn more time by working in the yard or helping a younger sibling with their at-home learning. Let them use their extra screen time to organize a group video chat with several friends or watch a movie with a friend using a shared app.  Keep in mind that many teens stay in touch with their games through online or video games as well. 

Helping your teen stay connected to their social circles while social distancing will strengthen the bond you both share and will help your teen cope during an uncertain time.  

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