Many parents of teenagers find that their teens normally have very busy schedules and that
time spent with their parents is not always the top priority. Being home with your teen gives
you plenty of chances to do things together, to strengthen your relationship, and to connect
with one another.

Having fun with your teenager is a great way to connect with them. Some ideas for having fun
together include playing games together, such as a video game or a board game or learning a
skill together. Perhaps your teen can even teach you something new, such as a technological
skill or something they have learned in school. Bonding through teaching, especially when
teens have the opportunity to teach their parents, is a meaningful way for parents and teens to

Another way to connect with your teen, especially during social distancing, is by exercising and
being active. Whether you do yoga together or take a virtual kickboxing class, exercise is one of
the most beneficial ways of bonding with someone you love because it also provides many
emotional benefits, such as reduced stress and anxiety and decreased rates of depression.

Engaging in artistic activities, such as building a vision board or painting, is another way to
connect with your teen. Not only are these fun activities a way to keep busy while social
distancing, it gives parents the opportunity to spend relaxed time with their teens, which is a
relief from our daily hectic routines.

By using this extra time that we have to connect with your teen, you are setting the tone for your relationship. You may even find that you continue these activities long after social
distancing ends.

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