Many frontline workers during COVID-19 are working extremely long hours, only to feel exhausted when they arrive home.  Whether the essential worker in your life lives with you or not, supporting their loved ones during this time is a great way to show your solidarity, while also supporting those who are directly impacted by the pandemic. 

By helping essential workers and their loved ones with the logistics, such as by sending them groceries, doing their laundry, or walking their dog, you can help them manage the other aspects of their life during a time of chaos.  When thinking of logistical tasks that you can help with, it is important to keep in mind that staying safe and adhering to social distancing and other safety guidelines is most important during a time like this. 

If you are unable to safely support the families and loved ones of essential workers with logistical tasks, reaching out and staying connected is an excellent way to give back and show your support.  Check in and ask them how they are doing, or if there is anything you can do to help during this time. Other ideas to reach out can include sending a text or a picture or sending a thoughtful gift.  

When we support the loved ones of essential workers during this time, we create a feeling of bonding and connection that can help us all overcome the challenges of an uncertain future. 

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