Essential workers all over the world are facing the dangers of this virus head-on, and we do not yet know the emotional and physical repercussions that essential workers will face as a result of this pandemic. 

While the uncertainty about the future is stressful and scary to us all, the most powerful thing we can do for one another and for essential workers is to just be there and to stay connected with one another during this time. This HRI blog post offers tips on how to stay connected during the pandemic, but at the core of being there for one another is to just be present and provide a listening ear. These tasks, while seemingly simple, can help us all stay connected and supportive of those facing this virus on a daily basis. 

When in doubt about how best to encourage an essential worker in your life, just being there when they need you can offer hope, support, and solidarity during a time when essential workers (and the rest of us) need it the most. 

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