Your relationship with your child is important and can help them build trust, feel loved and cared for, and learn how to have healthy relationships with others. However, it’s also important to promote loving and trusting connections between your kids and other adult figures in their life. A great way to help your children build a sense of community and feel supported is to seek out other adult mentors who you trust. Involving other adult mentors in your child’s life can help them broaden their horizons, build social skills, and develop new points of view. 

You can seek out role models in a formal and/or informal capacity. Some parents may have friends and family members available to spend time with their kids. However, this isn’t always the case for some single parents. Other ways to seek out role models for your children include joining community organizations, such as a faith group, sports teams, or clubs. Teachers, coaches, and parents of other kids your children are friends with, are also potential people who can serve as mentors!

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