This year, commit to being more present in your relationships. When you are with the people you love, make sure that all of you is there. It’s normal for your mind to wander, especially with a busy schedule and a to-do list on the horizon, but by being aware of when this happens and bringing yourself back to the present moment, you can be more attentive and connected to your loved ones.

To be fully present in your relationships, you must set aside other tasks or responsibilities and focus on your connection with the other person. When you commit to spending quality time with your loved ones, make sure you do so without multitasking. By giving them your full attention and energy, you are showing them that they are valued and worthy.

Another great way to be present in your relationships is to practice active listening, maintain eye contact, and ask questions during meaningful conversations. When you are engaged and alert during conversations with the people you care about, they feel heard, validated, and appreciated.

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