HRI believes that healthy relationships are the foundation for happy and healthy lives, families, and communities. Healthy relationships are built on respect, trust, safety, acceptance, freedom of choice, positive communication and conflict management, and fun. They provide safety, support, and comfort and offer opportunities for growth through challenges and periods of conflict. Healthy relationships bring joy and happiness into our lives through deep, meaningful connections and are made up of moments of laughter and fun.

Healthy relationships are not always easy or perfect and require time and energy to flourish. We challenge you to prioritize your relationships by making a Healthy Relationship New Year’s Resolution! By starting the New Year with a commitment to put time, energy, and effort into improving your relationships, you can strengthen your connection with your partner, children, family members, and friends.

HRI is committed to helping individuals and families develop the knowledge and skills to foster happy, healthy, and safe relationships across a lifetime. Stay tuned throughout the rest of this week, as HRI provides Healthy Relationship Resolutions you can implement this year to strengthen and improve your relationships!

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