A great way to support healthy sibling relationships is to spend individual time with each child! Finding the time to plan individual activities with each child can be challenging when you’re juggling a busy schedule; however, it can make a big difference in your children’s lives. Spending one-on-one time with your kids helps each sibling feel important and loved, strengthening their self-esteem and creating a stronger bond between you and your children. When your children feel confident in their relationship with you and trust that they are loved and cared for, the level of jealousy and attention-seeking behaviors between siblings is likely to decrease. This doesn’t mean your kids won’t still fight for your attention. Instead, the arguments may be less frequent. 

Because schedules are often hectic and time is limited, one-on-one activities with your children don’t have to be extravagant or extremely time consuming. Spending time with your child can be as simple as reading to them at night or taking them to the park while their sibling(s) is at a friend’s house. 

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