Encouraging sibling bonding time is also a great way to promote healthy interactions and foster a strong relationship between your kids. This ensures that, even when schedules get hectic and life feels chaotic, your kids can count on having time to spend together to relax and have fun! They can work together to come up with activities for the family to do, helping them learn to understand one another’s differences and work towards win-win solutions when they disagree. 

Though it’s important for your kids to spend quality time together, a key part of encouraging healthy sibling relationships is honoring their boundaries when they want to be alone. When you respect your kids’ feelings and listen to them when they feel like they can’t be around their sibling(s), you are modeling how to honor other people’s boundaries. This also shows your children that you respect their individuality, and that they are able to determine their own boundaries. 

The line between encouraging sibling bonding and respecting each child’s boundaries can be challenging to navigate. Try your best to listen to your kids’ needs and encourage communication to establish healthy boundaries for each child!

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