Relationships bring so much happiness and meaning into our lives, and they are a source for laughter, joy, connection, and love. Our relationships with romantic partners, friends, and family members provide opportunities for deep connections and lasting memories. One of the purest feelings of joy comes from these deep connections and the sense of belonging we feel with those we love and care for.

Though relationships offer joy, meaning, and connection, they also bring pain, suffering, and loss during challenging times. Relationship problems can escalate and spin out of control if they are not managed properly, leading to feelings of hurt and hopelessness. It’s normal to feel lost and confused during relationship challenges, especially if you feel like you have tried everything in your power to repair your relationship with little or no success.

Even during these challenging moments in your relationship, where you may feel consumed by chaos and fear, there is hope. Today marks the beginning of a series of blog posts to help you navigate relationship struggles and keep your relationship strong during life’s challenging times. We will provide 8 steps to help you find calm amidst what may feel like a storm, while moving towards positive growth within your relationship. In addition to the suggested steps, we will also be sharing an affirmation to provide reassurance and promote positivity during relationship and life challenges.

We hope these steps and affirmations will help you find peace and look towards progress, while facing relationship challenges both now and in the future!

Our series will also be leading up to our workshop with Fellowship Hall on “Keeping Relationships Strong through Life’s Challenging Times.” The workshop will take place on June 15th and is free to attend; however, advance registration is required. Use the following link to register: We hope to see you there!

The information in today’s blog was adapted from one of our earlier series, “In the Midst of Relationship Chaos.” To see the original post, check out the following link:

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