While limited screen time is important to promote activities, such as playing outdoors, engaging in face-to-face interactions with friends and family, and other screen-free activities, technology can also be a great way to incorporate learning during the summer months. You can use technology and screen time to your advantage by encouraging your kids to play educational games or do an informal research project on something that interests them.

There are lots of educational apps to help your kids practice a variety of skills, such as math, reading, vocabulary, spelling, and science, all while playing games. In addition to apps, there are also many great educational websites for kids, including:

  • coolmath4kids, which focuses on teaching math to kids ages 3-12 through fun games!
  • FUNBRAIN.com is a great website to help your kids practice their math and reading skills through computer games.
  • National Geographic for Kids provides resources for kids to learn about animals, the environment, and more.
  • BrainPOP has educational videos, quizzes, and games on several different subjects including: science, social studies, english, math, arts & music, health, and engineering & technology.
  • PBS Kids has many different educational games with a wide variety of topics including, teamwork, problem solving, feelings, and spanish language skills.

We encourage you to check out these websites, as well as searching for educational apps to help your kids use technology to promote growth and learning this summer!

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