Holiday stress and difficult family dynamics can make it hard for us to practice gratitude and give one another grace. It can be easy to get wrapped up in chaos and conflict and lose sight of joy and love during the holidays. This holiday season, we encourage you to practice daily gratitude. Whether you take mental note of the moments of gratitude you notice or find it more effective to keep a gratitude journal, being intentional about seeking out little things that bring you joy throughout your day can help you feel happier and more at peace during the holidays. 

An important part of navigating challenging family dynamics is trying your best to give yourself and others grace. No one is perfect, and we’re all just trying our best. If you’re feeling upset or frustrated with a family member, keep in mind that we are all human and make mistakes. By adopting a mindset of grace and trying to see things from others’ perspectives, you may find understanding and feel more at peace. 

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