Spending the holidays with family allows us to connect with people we may not get to see often and build deeper relationships with loved ones. However, it also means navigating difficult conversations and tricky relationships. We may have family members who we don’t always get along with or who have different beliefs and points of view than us, which can be challenging to handle. We may also be subject to personal questions that we don’t feel comfortable talking about. 

If you find yourself encountering a difficult situation with a family member, remember that you have the right to communicate clear boundaries that allow you to feel safe and comfortable. Before the holiday festivities go into full swing, reflect on your needs and boundaries related to navigating family dynamics this holiday season. By considering your boundaries ahead of the holidays, you can feel more prepared to set healthy boundaries and handle difficult family dynamics. Healthy boundaries not only include what you do or do not feel comfortable discussing with family members, but they also look like allowing yourself space when you’re feeling overwhelmed or overly stressed. Healthy boundaries for you this holiday season may mean saying no to a holiday party or family gathering to give yourself time to recharge. For more information on how to set healthy boundaries visit our “How do I set healthy boundaries in my relationships?” blog post.

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