Focus on quality communication.  Because you may not be able to see each other as often as you would due to social distancing, it’s important to set aside time to talk. Though texting is a quick and easy way to stay connected with your partner throughout the day, we encourage you to spend time calling or video chatting for more quality communication that fosters intimacy and connection. When you are talking with your partner, be sure to try your best to stay in the present moment and make the most of your time together. 

Keep in mind that quality communication does not mean you always need to have serious conversations. It may look like video calling while you cook dinner or watch the same movie. Sometimes, just being connected while doing simple tasks that you would normally do together can help you feel closer and build intimacy. 

Quality communication may also look different for each couple. A good rule to follow is to communicate as much or as little as you need to feel connected. Some couples may need to talk every day, while others may feel more comfortable with less frequent communication. Talk to your partner and figure out what works best for both of you to feel like your needs are being met in the relationship. 

Some little things you can do to promote connection and communication while social distancing include sending one another messages of gratitude, sending “good morning” and “good night” texts, and texting each other things you love about one another.

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