Forgiveness is a key component in building healthy, fulfilling, and lasting relationships of all kinds. No one is perfect, and we will all make mistakes in our relationships and hurt the people we love. However, through forgiveness, we can pave the way to increased vulnerability and intimacy, look for the positive parts of one another, let go of resentment, and look toward the future.

Not only does forgiveness have many relationship benefits, but it can also help us feel more satisfied with who we are and how we show up in the world. By working toward forgiveness, we can deepen the compassion and understanding in our relationships. Seeking forgiveness when we have hurt someone we care about can help us become more empathetic and attuned with the way in which our actions affect others. Similarly, when we work towards forgiving someone who hurt us, we can challenge ourselves to maintain an attitude of openness, while striving to let go of past feelings of resentment and anger. This can help us be more aware of how we interact with the people in our lives, build a foundation for strongher, healthier relationships, and lead us to live more intentionally and compassionately.

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