By Eleanor Beeslaar

Trust is a key element in building a healthy relationship. When you trust someone, you know that you can depend on them, and you feel safe with them both physically and emotionally. However, the process of building mutual trust within relationships takes time and requires both partners to actively choose to trust one another.

Here are some great indicators of a trusting relationship:

  • No matter what happens you and your partner do not act or react in a way that is disrespectful or threatens one another’s safety.
  • You and your partner listen to and support one another and are able to show consideration and care for each other.
  • You are both consistent in your actions.
  • Your words and behaviors match up.
  • You trust one another regardless of who you spend time with or where you go.

Think of your own relationship and consider how you can be a more trusting and trustworthy partner, or if you’re single, take this knowledge into your future relationship!

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