By Christine Murray, HRI Director

Violence. Sex. Bullying. Drugs and alcohol. Dating. Planning for the future. Driving. Money. Technology. Friendships. Peer pressure. Curfews. Schoolwork. The list goes on…

It seems there’s an endless supply of difficult topics that parents need to be able to talk about with their teens, and these conversations aren’t easy to start or maintain over time! Keeping an open line of communication with teenagers is a struggle for many parents, but it’s an important part of parenting teenagers. Even as teenagers are growing in their independence, they need the positive influence and wisdom of their parents to help them navigate the increasingly complex situations they face in all areas of life.

This week, we’re turning our focus to helping parents build stronger communication with their teenage children in our Talking with Teens series that starts today. In this series, we’ll share some general tips for navigating difficult conversations with teens, as well as address some of the specific topics that often present unique challenges for parents.

If you’re the parent of a teen, you may feel like communication with your teen is slipping away. Communication during the teen years may look different than how it looked when your child was younger, and it’ll change again as they get older and become a young adult. But, take heart, and know that you can be intentional about fostering a strong relationship with your teen through healthy, ongoing communication.


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