By Eleanor Beeslaar, HRI Graduate Assistant 

Before you know it, your teen will be entering the dating world. Maybe you’re feeling uncertain or even intimidated when thinking about talking to your teen about dating. Know that these feelings are completely normal and something many parents experience. However, you don’t have to dread this conversation or see it as something scary and daunting. In fact, it can actually be a wonderful opportunity to build connection and let your teen know that you are there for them as they navigate this new stage in their life.

Parents play an important role in teaching kids about healthy relationships! Talking to your teen about what healthy dating relationships look like, as well as some indicators of when they may be experiencing an unhealthy relationship are essential to helping your teen develop healthy relationships and avoid unhealthy or abusive relationships in the future. You have the opportunity to help your teen develop the skills needed to build truly happy, healthy, and safe relationships!

In honor of February’s Teen Dating Violence Awareness month, we will be sharing a series of tips to help you talk to your teen about dating!