Big emotions can be difficult to handle as adults. Now, imagine that you are experiencing really big, challenging emotions and also don’t know how to express or communicate them quite yet. This is often what is going on for young children when they experience temper tantrums or other forms of emotional expression that can be daunting for us as adults to help them manage.

As parents or other important adults in a child’s life, it’s important for us to be a force of calm when kids are experiencing these big emotions. When we show up in a way that is calm and caring, it will be easier for us to help the kids we care about calm down and begin to talk about what is going on. On the flip side, when we respond to children’s big emotions with our own chaos, it’s likely to make the situation worse. Remember, we’re more likely to respond with kindness and compassion when we are able to regulate our own emotions!

We know that it can be hard to keep your composure during difficult parenting moments. For more information about regaining your composure and staying calm during parenting challenges, check out one of our previous blog series!

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