By Christine Murray, HRI Director

Our goal through the Healthy Relationships Initiative is to promote happy, healthy, and safe relationships of all kinds. We’re passionate about helping people in our community learn new ways to connect and build stronger relationships with the important people of their lives, and we believe that healthy relationships are an important foundation for healthy people and healthy communities.

Did you know that the health of your relationships is tied very closely with your physical and mental health? There’s a growing list of research findings that demonstrates that high quality relationships help to promote good physical health, as well as that relationships that are under distress can lead to health problems. (For links to some informative news reports on this research, check out the list at the bottom of this post!)

With the start of 2018, you may have New Year’s Resolutions on your mind today. While it’s true that New Year’s is a good time to think about healthy changes you’d like to make, there are a lot of reasons to make your and your family’s health a priority all year long, including your physical, mental, and relationship health.

To help you kick off what we hope will be your family’s healthiest year yet, we’re excited to partner this week with YMCA of Greensboro to share resources and information to help families in our community promote physical health and wellness while connecting as a family. Our HRI team, along with our partners at the YMCA, believe that physical activity and other healthy behaviors can be a powerful way for people to connect within their families and relationships.

By taking more healthy steps in 2018, you can start a chain reaction that will promote positive health and wellness in your body, mind, and relationships. Stay tuned all week for ideas for incorporating more health and wellness into your relationships this year!


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