The start of the new school year brings many changes, such as starting school for the first time, moving to a new school, starting a new grade, or transitioning into middle or high school. These changes can feel big and scary for many kids, creating anxiety about starting the new school year. This is completely normal. A great way to help your child cope with this anxiety and feel prepared for the school year is to talk to them about any changes they might experience!

Encourage your child to ask any questions they may have about the changes for the upcoming school year. Allow them to express their fears, anxiety, and/or excitement about the school year and recognize and normalize their feelings. You can even reach out to your child’s teacher to ask about expectations and get suggestions to help your child feel more prepared. 

Change is hard, but by opening up a conversation about your child’s fears and worries, you can work together to find ways to feel prepared and ease their anxiety!

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