Making an after-school game plan can help the back to school transition run more smoothly. Sit down as a family to discuss whether kids will be taking the bus, walking, or carpooling, where they will be going after school (home, a friend’s house, daycare, after school activities, etc.), and who they will be going home with (parent, babysitter/nanny, or a friend’s mom). Give your kids a detailed breakdown of what they need to do and who to contact if they forget the plan or get confused. A great way to help your kids with the after-school game plan is to write down the plan, as well as names and phone numbers of trusted adults on a note card. 

Once you have the down logistics of where to go, what to do, and who to go with, work together as a family to create after school rules. Talk about when and where homework will be completed, how much screen time is allowed during school nights, and when free time is over. 

By going over the after-school game plan and rules ahead of time, it will be much easier for both you and your kids to get used to the new routine. Including your kids in the discussion and planning can also help them feel more comfortable and invested in the plan!

We hope the tips we’ve shared throughout the past week will help you have a great back to school transition!

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