By Eleanor Beeslaar

An important part of creating a community of kindness is being kind to the people in your workplace. Creating a kinder, more inviting workplace can help increase feelings of belonging, leading to greater job and life satisfaction. By doing nice things for your supervisor, employees, or coworkers, you can help create a more harmonious environment at work, spreading feelings of peace and optimism. A few words of encouragement, a kind note, or a surprise cup of coffee may be the thing that inspires a smile during an especially stressful week.

Another great way to build a community of kindness is to be respectful and kind to others in their workplace. Whether you are eating at a restaurant, going grocery shopping, or waiting at the doctor’s office, it is important to show kindness to the employees who are there to help you.

We encourage you to think about how you can show kindness in your own workplace and when interacting with others in their place of employment. Here are some great ideas to start with:

  • Write a note or send an encouraging email.
  • Compliment someone for their hard work.
  • Make an effort to get to know the people you work with.
  • Bring a coworker a cup of coffee.
  • Invite a coworker to eat lunch with you.
  • Pack an extra snack for someone who may need it.
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