Today, HRI is celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week by announcing our 2019 HRI Kindness Champions, who were nominated by members of the Guilford County community. We are delighted to honor these wonderful individuals, who have worked so hard to build a community of kindness in Guilford County!

Continue reading to learn more about the Kindness Champions and the amazing ways they have worked to spread kindness in our community.


Tony Hamilton: Tony Hamilton was nominated by three of his UNCG co-workers. They said he’s deserving of being recognized for his kindness for the following reasons: “Every new semester, Tony plants himself at the front door of our building and directs students to where they need to be.  He has done this year after year and it is appreciated by our student body.  He does this on his own, just to help out students who have no idea where they are or where they’re going.  He is helpful and kind and will bend over backwards to help you with anything you’ve got going on.  He has helped me move furniture on several occasions.  He also strives to do his best to clean his area of the building and keep things looking good for all of us.” Another one of his nominators added, “Tony genuinely cares about the well-being of faculty and staff, encouraging us to pay attention to our own self-care, rest and take breaks. When I had difficulty with the lock on the mail room door one day, he came right over.  He conscientiously answers the call of duty, and goes beyond the call of duty. When my daughter came to work with me, he bought her a blueberry muffin, which she thoroughly enjoyed.  That was a spontaneous act of kindness and generosity that really brightened her day. ”


Shannon Axtell Martin:  Shannon Axtell Martin’s nominator shared why she stands out as a role model of kindness in our community: “Her kindness is a magnet to everyone around her. You can constantly find her striking up conversations with strangers and leaving smiles in her wake. She is also gifted at building kind and uplifting community among women in the face of a culture that teaches women to be critical, catty, and judgement toward one another.  I have never met someone whose kindness draws people together and who forms and maintains so many positive and genuine relationships. She is always encouraging and uplifting, as well as exceedingly generous. If I had to identify the face of kindness, it would be Shannon!”







Katie Myers: Katie Myers’ nominator had this to say about why she is deserving of this recognition: “Katie Myers has been a Speech Language Pathologist for Guilford County Schools for several years.  As a fellow Special Education professional in GCS, Katie Myers stands out to me as a leader for other professionals in the county, as well as an avid parent and student advocate.  She is someone who always keeps students’ best interests at heart, and is willing to go the extra mile to serve her community.  It is not uncommon to see Katie Myers volunteering at different educational events throughout Guilford County, supporting and fighting for the rights of fellow teachers in Raleigh, and working extra hours to bring new programs and clubs to the schools in which she serves. She is passionate about making schools in Guilford County, and all over, a better place for children and teachers alike. She meets every obstacle with a smile and a tender heart, and can always be counted on to brighten your day.  Katie Myers is a true educator with a heart of gold.  She is undoubtedly a champion of kindness in Guilford County.”






Edwin Staton: Edwin Staton was nominated by his wife, LouMecia Staton (pictured with Edwin here). LouMecia had this to say about why Edwin is a true champion for kindness in our community: “I would like to nominate my husband, Edwin Staton as a Kindness Champion! His life’s motto is truly service to God, his family and to mankind, and he exemplifies the words honor, loyalty and support to our community. Edwin is an active community volunteer and also serves at our church as a Deacon, which he truly loves and holds dear to his heart. In one of his roles as a volunteer, he makes sure to share community events and programs with his co-workers and anyone that he meets in the community that can benefit from various community programs serving Guilford County.  He is a wonderful husband and friend, a loving son and brother and an outstanding uncle to all of our nieces and nephews and is even an Eagle Scout! He loves serving others and being of help to anyone he meets along the way. He is truly a blessing in my life and that is why I would be honored to nominate him as a Kindness Champion in Guilford County.”

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