Day 4 of Healthy Relationships Week:

An important aspect of helping teenagers build healthy relationships is to help them understand and recognize red flags of unhealthy or abusive behavior.

In this short clip, HRI Program Coordinator, Camila Dos Santos, highlights the common red flags in teenage relationships. We hope that this resource will be helpful for parents, providers, educators, mental health professionals, and anyone else working with teenagers! To view the short clip on Youtube, click here


PARENTS OF TEENS, check out this HRI Toolkit designed to help you connect with your teenager and discuss healthy relationships in productive ways: 


The National Domestic Violence Hotline states that even 1 or 2 red flags can indicate an abusive relationship. Please visit their website for more information and resources for abusive or violent relationships.

Learn about the Abuse is Never Okay Campaign in Guilford County, a collaborative effort to end interpersonal violence and relationship abuse in Guilford County and beyond.


We’re grateful to Greensboro Parks & Recreation for their partnership with HRI during Healthy Relationships Week!  There are many resources available for teenagers through Greensboro Parks & Recreation.

To learn more about Teen-Friendly Health Care resources, follow this link: 


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