By Christine Murray, HRI Director

We hope our series this past week has helped inspire you to make healthy habits a part of your relationships and families this year. As we’ve seen all week, getting active together is a great way to connect with your loved ones!

Of course, we all know that New Year’s Resolutions can be hard to keep. Some of you may have even started to fall away from your resolutions already, just a week into 2018. Even with the best of intentions, it’s normal to struggle to make healthy changes in your life.

As we wrap up our “Your Family’s Healthiest Year Yet!” series today, we want to leave you with some encouragement for the year ahead as you consider how to prioritize your family’s physical, mental, and relationship health all year long.

First, keep in mind that you’ll be more likely to stick with healthy habits when you make them as fun as possible. If you’re trying to exercise together more, for example, try to pick activities that everyone likes, and make your time together enjoyable. Exercise doesn’t have to be miserable to be effective. The key is just to get moving! Try turning on some fun music or making up fun games or competitions to keep the mood light.

Second, adults can remember that kids learn a lot more by watching what you do, even more than from what you tell them to do. So, keep in mind that you can be a powerful role model for kids by practicing healthy habits and showing them that you enjoy taking care of your mind and body so you can have lot of energy for keeping up with them!

Third, it’s never too late to get back on track. If you go through a busy stretch of time when it’s difficult to keep up with your healthy habits, know that you can always get back on track. In fact, this is a really powerful lesson to teach children and adolescents–that they don’t have to stay stuck in unhealthy habits. Changing habits can be challenging, but you can help children learn that it’s possible by showing them how to get back on track even if fall back a little bit.

And finally, know that there are a lot of people and organizations in our community that want to help your family get and stay healthy! We’re especially thankful for YMCA of Greensboro for their partnership on this series, as well as for all their ongoing work to promote family health and wellness all the time. In addition to the YMCA, our community is rich with other health-focused organizations, as well as many great parks and recreation areas that families can enjoy together. Connecting with these resources can help your family have more options for being active together, as well as offer potential social support and new friendships.

We hope this series has given you some ideas and inspiration for making 2018 your family’s healthiest year yet. And, stay connected to HRI for more information and resources to promote healthy relationships all year long!

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