Day 5 of Healthy Relationships Week: Helping Teens Become Better Communicators

One of the most important skills that adults can teach teenagers is how to communicate effectively.  When teenagers know how to communicate their needs and listen to others, it helps them set the foundation for healthy, happy, and safe relationships later on in life.  In this short video developed by HRI, we share important tips to help teenagers fine-tune their communication skills.  This video can be widely shared amongst teachers, educators, providers, parents, and anyone else working closely with teenagers.

Check out our short HRI clip on Healthy Communication Tips for Teens here.

PARENTS OF TEENS, check out this HRI Toolkit designed to help you connect with your teenager and discuss healthy relationships in productive ways: 


We’re grateful to Greensboro Parks & Recreation for their partnership with HRI during Healthy Relationships Week!  There are many resources available for teenagers through Greensboro Parks & Recreation.

To learn more about Teen-Friendly Health Care resources, follow this link: 


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