A blended family forms when two people make a life together with the children from their previous relationships. Blended families create an opportunity for deep and meaningful connections between all family members; however, it may take some time for everyone to adjust and reach this point. Joining two families is a big change, and it can feel scary and uncertain at first, especially for children who are not used to what their new family looks like. It’s normal for blended families to hit some bumps in the road during this big life transition!

Blended families face unique challenges, such as navigating co-parenting with ex-partners, learning how to parent together as a couple, developing new sibling relationships, and fostering a healthy parent-child relationship with your partner’s kids. Though bringing your families together may be difficult, this process can also be extremely rewarding and can lead to a warm and loving blended family!

By being proactive about tackling potential challenges, parents can help ease the transition of melding their families. HRI will be sharing tips throughout the rest of this week to help ease the transition of joining families and help you build a happy, healthy, and safe blended family!

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