A great way to reflect on and express gratitude during the holiday season is to incorporate it into your holiday traditions! This allows for you and your loved ones to take some time to explore who and what you are grateful for as a collective, which can promote connectedness and help create lasting and meaningful memories with family and friends. 

Some examples of holiday traditions that promote gratitude among your friends and family include:

  1. Going around the dinner table and saying what you are thankful for. This is a great way to come together with the people you care about and celebrate each other! Though this activity is a wonderful opportunity to spread joy and share gratitude, it’s important to remember that some people may be more introverted and feel shy when sharing. If this is true for you, your friends, or your family members, it may be beneficial to choose a gratitude exercise that does not involve directly sharing in front of a group.
  2. Participating in a gratitude reflection/meditation before meals. Another great way to incorporate gratitude into holiday meals is to have one person lead the rest of the friends and family in a gratitude reflections/mediation before the meal. During this activity, everyone will reflect on the people and things in their lives they are grateful for, and if they feel comfortable, they can share afterward. This can be a good option if anyone in the family feels uncomfortable with sharing/expressing what they are thankful for in front of the group!
  3. Writing gratitude letters to one another. Before everyone gathers for the holidays, have each person write a letter of gratitude to someone to show their love and appreciation. Then, when everyone comes together, set aside some time to exchange and read the letters as a group, or individually. 

We encourage you to try some of the holiday gratitude traditions discussed above or to come up with your own transitions to show gratitude to your loved ones this holiday season!

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