By Kelly Graves, Director and Co-Founder of the Kellin Foundation

There is no doubt that children, adults, and families are faced with stress.  If we are honest with ourselves, we have all had times in our lives when we felt overwhelmed and needed a helping hand. For many, that stress can escalate and require professional help.

The Kellin Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that was founded to support children, adults, families and communities toward safety and wellness.

We provide programming for individuals across the lifespan in four major areas, including:  victim advocacy services and patient navigation, clinical assessment and treatment, youth leadership and empowerment, and community outreach and mobilization.

All of our programming is free or reduced in cost to ensure that all those in need have access to care that helps them stay well and achieve their goals.

We strongly believe in the power of authentic partnerships and work hand-in-hand with dozens of local and statewide organizations to create a synergy that assists the individuals we serve.

Below is a snapshot of our programming, but please visit our website at for a full overview of available services.

Child Response Initiative:   CRI is a trauma-informed, culturally-competent, and comprehensive coordinated community response for child victims and their families.  We provide victim advocacy services to help children and families recover from scary, dangerous, or traumatic experiences.  For more information about this specific program, visit us at:

Guilford County Trauma Provider Network: The Kellin Foundation houses the Trauma Provider Network, which is a group of providers, law enforcement, and community members that meet monthly and work collaboratively to address the needs of children and families who have experienced trauma. For more information, visit us at:

Kellin Kids:  Kellin Kids was created out of the belief that everyone in the community has a role to play, even our youngest community members.  Kellin Kids is all about kid-developed, kid-driven solutions to community problems.  For more information, visit us at:

Greensboro HEALS: The Greensboro HEALS project (Healing and Empowering All Survivors) aims to provide uninsured individuals ages 19-64 with free mental health and substance abuse services.  For more information about this program, visit us at:

Treehouse: The Treehouse provides trauma-informed assessment and treatment services for children, families, and adults. For more information, visit us at:

A core principle to us is authentic partnership.  We believe in co-creating authentic partnerships that allow for people, professionals, and communities to work together to achieve their goals.  This is the backbone of our motto of ​making a difference together! 

Interested in becoming a partner or referring someone for services?  Call us at 336-429-5600 or email us at . We look forward to hearing from you!

To learn more about Kellin Foundation, please watch the video below to hear from some of their staff!



Dr. Kelly Graves is a tenured Associate Professor at North Carolina A&T State University. As a demonstration to her commitment to bridging research and practice, Dr. Graves also founded Kellin, PLLC (and its non-profit partner the Kellin Foundation), which is a community-based counseling and consulting agency in Greensboro. Dr. Graves is currently a training consultant with the UNC-CH School of Social Work’s AHEC Training Partnership and has been a Field Instructor with the School since 2010.  With almost 20 years of specialized experience in the field of child trauma and trauma-informed care, she is an accomplished scholar with dozens of peer-reviewed publications, books, and book chapters. Dr. Graves is nationally sought after as a community trainer and facilitator in the area of trauma and creating trauma informed systems. She recently won the national 2015 American Psychological Association Division 56 Trauma award for her expertise in the areas of children at risk and trauma as well as the Triad Business Journal Top 40 Leaders Under 40.  Dr. Graves has been an invited presenter at over 50 various statewide and nationwide conferences and meetings, and she currently is a consultant with the United States Department of Justice, Office for Training and Technical Assistance, in the areas of trauma, trauma-informed care, and crime victim services. 



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