Today we are continuing our October series of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Sometimes, domestic violence can increase the demands for foster parents so today we are featuring the Guilford County Department of Social Services for #FindHelpFriday and providing information for families interested in becoming foster parents.

Here’s what the Department of Social Services has to say about becoming foster parents: “Foster parents are people who are genuinely concerned about the well-being of children and families.  Foster parents recognize that not all biological families have the physical, intellectual or emotional resources to provide children with what they need to grow into healthy, happy, productive adults.  Foster parents are acutely aware of the crises, stressors and social problems that result in the abuse and neglect of children; or in the adolescent behaviors  of truancy, running away or unruliness.  Additionally, foster parents are people who realize that sometimes family conflicts become so severe that children must be removed from their homes, for their own safety.  Foster parents also recognize that they must play an integral role in helping the child maintain family ties, as deemed appropriate, as well as helping to meet the child’s overall safety & well-being needs.”

Thank you to Guilford County Department of Social Services for your work toward the empowerment of families in our community!

More information such as licensing requirements, FAQs, and applications can be found here.