Mornings can feel crazy and rushed with all of the things that need to get done before heading out the door! However, creating a structured routine can help smooth out hectic mornings and make getting ready for the day ahead easier. Try doing some things the night before to reduce you morning to-do list, such as packing lunches and backpacks, setting out clothes and shoes, and planning breakfast. 

Create a family to-do list for weekday mornings to help your kids get ready for school! Go over tasks with your kids and be open to suggestions and reordering in a way that works best for everyone. You could even try writing down and laminating a checklist of tasks to help your kids remember what they need to do in the mornings. Keep in mind that it will take some time to adjust to a school-year morning routine, so try your best to be patient and flexible!

We’re all human and are bound to hit bumps in the road, so try not to get discouraged if there are days when everyone is feeling extra cranky and getting out the door feels impossible. Be ready to readjust your schedule when needed, and remember, all you can do is try your best!

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