An important part of regaining composure as a parent is to set yourself up for success ahead of time. By creating consistency in your kids’ lives, you can avoid potentially stressful situations. A great way to establish consistency is to create a weekly routine and set clear rules and expectations. Developing predetermined rules and expectations can help you feel more prepared to handle challenging moments as a parent, leading to more constructive outcomes with your children.

It may also be helpful to identify triggers for challenging behavior and take action ahead of time to avoid these triggers. For example, if you know that your child gets cranky when they’re feeling hungry, try to keep some snacks handy when you’re running errands or engaging in long activities.

Another key element in being prepared for difficult parenting moments is establishing social support and engaging in self-care. When your needs are being met, you will have more patience and compassion for your kids and be less likely to lose your composure during stressful or frustrating situations. We encourage you to engage in a self-care activity at least once a week!


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