Developed by HRI Program Coordinator, Camila Dos Santos, M.Ed.

For many teenagers, the summer is usually spent with loved ones and friends, but this summer may look a little different than most.  Increased time at home and decreased social interactions as a result of the pandemic means that most of us will be spending more time with our immediate family this summer. This gives parents of teenagers a unique opportunity to bond with them and learn about their perspectives. 

Parents can help teenagers have a happy and healthy summer by helping teens focus on strengthening their relationships and friendships during this time.  One way to do this is to talk intentionally with teens about what makes relationships healthy and happy and to also spend time discussing the signs of unhealthy relationships

The following HRI resources may be helpful in beginning these conversations with your teen: 

Asking your teenager questions about relationships will help you get a sense of their experiences and perspectives. Having this understanding of your teen will help you have healthy communication together and ensure you continue to have meaningful conversations in the future. 

When teenagers have the freedom to talk about their ideas, thoughts, and fears surrounding relationships with a trusted adult, they are more likely to examine their own relationships to ensure that they are happy, healthy, and safe – a skill that they will continue to use as they become adults. 

Stay tuned as we continue to share tips this week to help teens have a healthy summer!