By Eleanor Beeslaar

What exactly makes a relationship healthy? First and foremost, healthy relationships are safe and free from abuse, neglect, and threats. They are built on a foundation of mutual respect, trust, support, openness, and honesty, and they are comprised of healthy communication, positive conflict resolution, healthy boundaries, and consent (, 2017).

People in healthy relationships respect one another’s beliefs, values, and opinions, even when they do not agree with one another. They engage in compromise to ensure that both partners feel heard, valued, and appreciated, and they promote independence by respecting privacy and supporting each other’s dreams and passions (, 2017).

Finally, healthy relationships are happy! People in healthy, happy relationships look forward to spending time together, prioritize one another, and enjoy learning more about each other. Most importantly, they are willing to put in the work necessary for building and maintaining their relationship.

Everyone deserves to experience the joy and love of a healthy relationship. Stay tuned for more information and useful strategies to help you build healthy, happy, and safe relationships!

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