When we have difficult or sensitive conversations with someone we love, especially if it’s about an unsolvable conflict (read more about solvable vs. unsolvable conflicts here), we can sometimes unknowingly approach that conversation with defensiveness, or an unwillingness to compromise.

Rolling your eyes,  pulling away from your partner, or not listening attentively are some signs that you may not be approaching difficult conversations with a desire to resolve conflict or repair damage and instead may be wanting to get your point across or be right.

But, when we approach a conversation with a little vulnerability, we may be surprised at the outcome. Being vulnerable in conversations about conflict or disagreement helps both parties be more genuine, speak with kindness and respect, and work towards a solution or compromise.

Next time that you and your loved one need to discuss a sensitive topic, try to be intentional about showing your vulnerability to your partner.  Whether it’s a physical touch, or a willingness to truly show and express your emotions, being vulnerable helps us maintain the intimacy and understanding that strengthens relationships long-term.

You may be surprised at the outcome when we are willing to soften our approach with a little vulnerabilty!