By Renee Paquin, Community Relations Director at Triad Family Dental

Triad Family Dental exists with one core belief:  We believe that all children, regardless of family income, deserve access to quality dental care in a friendly, upbeat environment.

How do we put that belief into action?

  • We find opportunities to educate our community on the necessity of early childhood preventative care.
  • We partner with community organizations like Guilford Child Development and Partnership for Children to provide school-readiness dental screenings and other free resources.
  • We strive for compassion in everything we do, working to understand the barriers that can prevent families from seeking dental care for their young children.

What do those barriers look like? Admittedly, we don’t always know. Our community partners are constantly helping us understand how we can better serve the families in our community. But there are some barriers that we navigate daily: difficulty understanding dental benefits, concerns about out of pocket expense, and fear of visiting the dentist.

Let’s talk about fear. We talk to so many parents who are afraid to bring their child to the dental office because of behavioral concerns, or concerns driven by another traumatic experience. I’m here to tell you right now – this is normal, but don’t be afraid! We are fully equipped to make sure all children are able to have a non-traumatic dental experience. Our goal is to make sure you and your child are comfortable from the moment you walk in our door.

Your child will enjoy video games, movies, and a big play area while you wait. When it’s time for your appointment, one of our friendly dental assistants will bring both you and your child into our examination area. You stay with your child throughout the entire appointment, able to provide comfort and become an active participant in your child’s care. Our providers and assistants will always be willing to take the time to address your concerns, answer your questions, and coach you on proper home care to ensure we are working together to prevent cavities. If your child has special needs, we will discuss these concerns ahead of the appointment so we are able to better accommodate your child.

If your child requires treatment, we have various sedation options available in-office to keep your child relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure. Again, you will be right there next to your child during the treatment. For more extensive treatment needs, a general anesthesia appointment in the hospital with either Dr. Koelling or Dr. Johnstun is an option. No matter what, we will work with you to develop a treatment plan that puts your child’s health, comfort, and safety as our top priority.

Are you unsure about what dental benefits your child has, and concerned about out of pocket expense? We don’t blame you. It can be confusing, and we are here to help.

Let’s start with Medicaid. If your child is enrolled in the Medicaid program, all dental services are covered as part of a comprehensive set of benefits. If you have another form of insurance, we will file the insurance as a courtesy to you. We’ll do our best to help you understand your benefits, and you will know an estimate of any out of pocket cost before treatment begins. No surprise bills.

Good oral health is critical to children’s ability to grow up healthy and succeed in school and life. Oral health is the window to the entire body, and every infant and child is worthy of early access to preventative oral care. If at all possible, your child should begin seeing a dentist by age one.

We are thrilled to be a part of this blog series with Healthy Relationships Initiative, where we can speak in unity with other community partners to tell Guilford County families: you are not alone. When our children are able to grow up strong, healthy, and safe – everyone in the community benefits.

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