We hope that our earlier tips helped you connect with your partner in small, but intentional ways this week. Today, we’re sharing a couple more tips to help you continue to strengthen your relationship with small, but meaningful gestures. 

  1. Relive a happy or funny memory that the both of you shared.  The more details you can both contribute, the more connected you will feel.  Asking each other questions to relive what they remember or what stands out to them will help you see that memory through their eyes. Do this often!
  2. Give a random and intentional hug.  Adults can sometimes underestimate the power of a hug. It can boost our mood, help us feel supported, and ease our stress.  GIve your partner a random hug. Make it intentional by sitting in it for a little and saying something kind to them.  We guarantee that the both of you will walk away smiling! 

Healthy and happy relationships take hard work and intentionality. Taking the time to reconnect with your partner each day will help you keep your relationship strong and ready to encounter what life may bring.