By Eleanor Beeslaar

We hope our series on family health and wellness has helped you learn new information and build skills that can help you promote your family’s physical, mental, emotional, and relational health! There are many wonderful and creative ways to incorporate healthy choices into your family’s routine, while spending quality time and making meaningful connections with one another. You may use some of the tips or ideas we have provided throughout the past week, or you might be inspired to adapt the information you have learned to best fit your unique family!

Health and wellness is a lifelong journey that leads to joy, connection, love, and satisfaction. As we wrap up this series, we want to leave you with some words of encouragement as you continue your journey of improving your family’s health and wellness.


  • Set attainable goals that will leave you and your family feeling accomplished and motivated to keep living healthier lives.
  • Have fun! Try to make exercise and healthy eating fun by involving the whole family in the planning and decision making process. If everyone has a say in which activities you will be doing or what type of foods you make, your family will be more likely to stick to healthy routines.
  • Keep trying! It is normal to fall behind or get off track with healthy habits, especially when your days get busier and time seems to slip away. Don’t let this discourage you and try again! If you are finding it difficult to stick to a routine, it might be helpful to try something new to re-energize your efforts.


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