Supporting Older Adults During the Holidays: Tip 5

Written by Camila Dos Santos, Program Coordinator of the Healthy Relationships Initiative & Heather Magill, Elder Justice Specialist Coordinator at the Guilford County Family Justice Center

Checking in regularly with the older adults in your life shows them that you care about their wellbeing. It also helps them feel more safe and secure because they know someone is regularly looking out for them in the event that something happens, and they need help. This kind of security can help older adults fight off feelings of loneliness during the holidays. 

As older adults face the holidays during the pandemic, spending time with loved ones becomes even more valuable, even if that time is spent virtually.  This year, focus your energy on giving the gift of time to the older adults in your life.  Make time for an intentional phone call.  Send a holiday card through snail mail.  Record a video for the older adult in your life and send it. Schedule a socially distant walk or front porch visit. 

Whatever it is, this year, give the older adults in your life the gift of time.