Gratitude has been consistently linked to better moods and improved health in positive psychology research. Today, we’re sharing some small ways that you can begin practicing gratitude every day: 

  1. Note positive moments throughout the day. Often, when we take stock of our day, we dwell on the negative moments and brush off the positive moments. Start to practice gratitude by placing greater focus on the positive moments, even if they’re small.
  2. Find reasons to smile and laugh. Find the happiness and humor in each day – create it if you have to! Give thanks for a blue sky, watch your favorite TV show, enjoy your favorite meal!
  3. Make time for your loved ones. Whether it’s your parents, children, significant other, friends, pets, or extended family members, carve out a little time each day to spend some time with people you love. 
  4. Make time for yourself. Show yourself some gratitude by being kind to your mind, body, and soul. Take time to decompress and take care of yourself every day.