Developed by HRI Program Coordinator, Camila Dos Santos, M.Ed.

Setting boundaries around work is crucial when many of us are working from home indefinitely. This week, we will provide you with different tips to help set and keep boundaries around remote work. 

The first tip in the series is to adopt rituals. Rituals help us find balance between different priorities. For example, starting and ending the workday with a short walk around the block allows you to use that time to decompress and plan ahead for the day. Taking 5 minutes each hour to stretch and breathe deeply can help to re-center and re-energize your mind. For some, getting dressed in work clothes each day helps to stay motivated when working from home. What is most important about your ritual or rituals is that they work for you! 

While we will continue to share tips to find the balance with remote work, you may also check out our free webinar on Setting Boundaries When Working From Home here.