One of the best ways to prevent the summer slide and instead encourage growth and learning over the summer is to focus in on reading. Let your kids take the lead and choose fun books based on their interests, such as mysteries, superheroes, and comics. If your kids have the control to choose what they read, there’s a higher chance that they will be invested in and committed to reading something every day and have fun while doing it!

Your kids also don’t have to spend hours on end reading each day of the summer. Doing just 20-30 minutes of reading a day can make a significant difference in retaining and even improving your child’s reading abilities over the summer.

Your local library is a great place to find lots of interesting and entertaining books for free! We encourage you to use this as an opportunity to not only encourage your kids to read, but to also create a stronger bond and connection through learning about their interests and spending quality time together.


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