During relationship chaos and life’s challenging times, it is crucial to practice strong relationship skills in order to keep your relationship healthy. This includes engaging in positive communication skills, such as being clear, direct, and thoughtful when speaking and using active listening to better understand the other person. Other skills that are needed to strengthen your relationship during challenges include: conflict management, problem-solving, emotion regulation, and repairing disconnection.

An important part in being able to use these healthy relationships skills is to practice them before relationship chaos and life challenges erupt. Take time to strengthen your relationship and build up your relationship skills toolbox during the calm, positive moments in your relationship. HRI has many great resources to help you do this!

If you practice healthy relationship skills when everything feels like smooth sailing, it will be much easier to use these skills during the times where your relationship feels like its sailing through choppy waters or heading into a big storm. Although it can be challenging to keep using positive relationship skills when times get tough, it is important to keep trying, because the more you use these skills, chances are the conflict will not escalate as easily or as quickly. In fact, it will also be easier to repair your relationship and work towards reconnecting after the conflict, if you practice your healthy relationship skills!

Here is a great affirmation to use to help you practice positive relationship skills during moments of chaos and conflict: “Relationship challenges are opportunities to practice positive communication and other healthy relationship skills.”


The information in today’s blog was adapted from one of our earlier series, “In the Midst of Relationship Chaos.” To see the original post, check out the following link: http://www.guilfordhri.org/in-the-midst-of-relationship-chaos-step-5-practice-strong-relationship-skills/


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