The holidays often evoke feelings of joy and excitement, with the many activities and celebrations that promise themes of togetherness, connection, and jubilation. There are many things to anticipate, such as holiday parties, presents, decorating, and family traditions. While the holidays create opportunities for us to connect with our loved ones and make lasting memories, they also bring with them complicated family dynamics that can be difficult to navigate. 

Let’s face it, families aren’t perfect, and sometimes, family dynamics can be complicated, confusing, and stressful. This isn’t anything to be embarrassed or ashamed of; many families experience conflict and tension, especially around the holidays, which often bring added stressors and exacerbate already difficult family dynamics. We at HRI know that it can be challenging to navigate difficult or complicated family dynamics during the holidays, so we will be sharing a series of tips to help you cope with the difficult moments and build stronger, more meaningful connections with your family during this year’s holiday celebrations. 

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