Today’s Kindness Champion is DeAnna Lawson Hay! Here is what her nominator had to say about DeAnna’s outstanding efforts to spread kindness throughout the community: “DeAnna Lawson Hay who is so kind that she is trying to change the community around her with a kindness challenge herself. She has a website where she shares quotes and inspiration for others on how to show gratitude to the community and shares what she is doing to practice what she preaches. Two things that I will share that she has done recently, is in December she partnered with Wellsprings to throw the senior residents a Holiday Party that included food, games, prizes and just overall fun. She worked with friends and community partners to get everything either donated or at a really good price using coupons. The other project that she is currently working on is collecting pop-tab for Ronald McDonald House. I believe she has challenged friends and the community to collect 1 million pop tabs in one year. She is willing to pick up poptabs from people and drives them to Ronald McDonald house herself on a regular basis. I could share lots of other ways that DeAnna is just one of the most genuine, honest and caring people I know, but check out her website and see for yourself.”