Today’s Kindness Champion is Edie Allen! Here is what Edie’s nominators had to say about why she is outstanding at showing kindness: “Edie’s kindness and compassion are a bright light in the UNCG Department of Counseling and Education! Not only is she a wonderful counselor who cares deeply about the clients she serves, but she is also a great friend and colleague. Edie always makes an effort to check in on her fellow cohort members, and cares about our well-being. Moreover, Edie is incredibly kind and genuine. She shows compassion to all her fellow classmates and is ready and willing to lend an ear; you always feel seen and heard when Edie is listening! Even in the midst of the hectic master’s program, Edie is a point of calm. She takes good care of herself and encourages others to do the same. She is a joy to know and a truly good person, which is why she is an excellent candidate for HRI’s Kindness Champions!”