Today’s Kindness Champion is Paige Gilliard! Paige’s nominator had the following to say about her: “She is an attorney with the Children’s Law Center.  She has a lot of contact with children as she is an acting GAL.  She is well respected within the courts and the Family Justice Center.  She has a “how can I help?” attitude.  I first met Paige when the FJC opened in Greensboro.  She always came around when we were having a gathering and immediately began to assist with what was needed.  She genuinely wants to know how people are doing.  One of my favorite things about Paige is that she is a Camp HOPE counselor.  Her name is Fannypack because she carries one at all times.  It is filled with all sorts of things for the kids at camp.  The Camp HOPE coordinator recently told me a story about how Paige went to visit one of the Camp HOPE kids at lunch and she made sure to bring the child her favorite meal which was a box of chicken from Bojangles!  Paige treats people with kindness and loves our children in this community deeply.”