Keeping Kids Safe Online: Tip 2

Tip 2: Get savvy about what your kids are engaging with online including social network apps, games, and other platforms. 

We’ve shared this week that a crucial part of keeping children and teenagers safe online is encouraging open and regular discussion about how they spend their time, but another important thing that parents can do is to become savvy and learn how to use the platforms, apps, and games they interact with regularly. 

With young children, keeping screens and devices where you can see them is important.  Parents of children who are starting to use the internet should browse the history of various search engines and social media platforms regularly.  

Another way for parents to be savvy is to “sign up to the social networks and apps your children are using and find out how to use the privacy settings and reporting mechanisms.” This knowledge can empower parents in knowing how to spot any issues or safety concerns early on, and also to help parents in facilitating honest conversations with their kids. 

Other tips for parents include becoming familiar with their online friends and the different profiles that their kids follow on social media networks, teach them about how to keep their identity and privacy safe online, and make sure kids know about the signs of cyberbullying. This digital awareness is important in keeping parents knowledgeable and kids safe. 

As children get older, however, it can become harder to keep track of what they’re doing online and keeping open lines of communication becomes more and more important for parents to stay in the loop about their kids’ online behavior.